Matt (mnor) wrote,

<3 Stolen from Alyx

1) YOUR PORN STAR NAME - (name of first pet + street you live on): Goldy Kensington
2) YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME - (grandmother's first name + favorite snack): Arlene Apple
3) YOUR FASHION DESIGNER NAME - (first word you see on your left + favorite restaurant): Alaska Olive Garden
4) YOUR FOREIGN NAME - (favorite spice girl + last foreign vacation spot): Scary Canada
5) YOUR SOCIALITE NAME - (silliest childhood nickname + first town where you partied): Tildy Franklin
6) YOUR "FLY GIRL/GUY" NAME - (first initial + first three letters of your last name): M-Nor
7) YOUR DETECTIVE NAME - (favorite animal + name of high school): Cat Franklin
8) YOUR BARFLY NAME - (last snack food you ate + your favorite aloholic drink): Cake Vodka
9) YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME - (middle name + street where you first lived): John Briarwood
10) YOUR ROCK STAR NAME - (favorite candy + favorite musicians last name): Reeses Menzel
11) YOUR "POPULAR" NAME - (favorite celebrity's first name + best friend's street name): Whoopi Fuckifiknow
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